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The Magic of Competition in the social dancing scene!

Updated: Mar 24

Today I woke up to another thread on Facebook complaining about clashing nights for parties and for classes, I just can't get on board with this thinking & here's why.

  1. Level Up Your Game: Competition pushes dance schools to bring their A-game. It's like having a constant friendly rivalry that keeps us all on our toes. With every class, we're all striving to be better, clearer, and more engaging.

  2. Spice Up the Scene: New blood means innovation! When fresh faces join the industry, they bring in new techniques, styles, and vibes. It's like adding a dash of hot sauce to your favourite dish—it just makes everything more exciting!

  3. Flavours for Every Taste: Whether you're into the upbeat of salsa on 1 or the downbeat of Mambo, there's a dance school out there with your name on it. It's like a salsa bar with endless options—take your pick, find your groove. With the added benefit for the teachers that dancers stay dancing for longer. That's a good thing for both organisers and students!

The problem is when people have the mindset that we have a limited pool of students, if each school becomes exceptional at growing and retaining good dancers, we can share the improvers and intermediates for the benefit of the whole scene and the students get a lot of class that deliver exactly what they want. Having said this competition does still trigger feelings of inadequacy and threat, but, on balance I am grateful for the competition I have in Bristol and wish us all well for the future! So, let's embrace competition not as a battle, but as a celebration of dance. It's about sharing our passion, learning from each other, and growing together as dancers and organisers. 💃🕺

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Natalia Korczak
Natalia Korczak

Couldn't agree more with you, Charlie!

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