About Salsify

Created by Charlie, Salsify is the class designed to make learning Salsa the most fun and encouraging hobby you will ever find. Combining physicality with balance, memory & creativity makes for a dance that will be the best addiction you will ever have.


Ania teaches the ladies and Ania is simply the most beautiful female dancer in the bristol social dance scene, she has incredible patience and style and we are blessed to have her in our class.

Salsify is better than any other salsa class in Bristol because:

  • We have members of the team in each class to encourage you and give you feedback, this means you will progress much quicker than other classes

  • We run a progressive course with routines that help you practice what you have learned in the previous 3 weeks, this suits the brains learning methods.

  • We have an online members page with video's and notes on the correct technique for each movement

  • We have a significant part of each lesson for practice with music where the teachers will go around and use video to help you reflect on your progress


Getting Here:

You can find us in the Bar & Studio 1 at Workout Gym, go past the reception and you'll find us in the bar!

Our Address:

Workout Gym, Floating Harbour, Welsh Back, Near Queens square, Bristol, BS1 4SB



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