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Now is the time to learn Salsa and Bachata!

I always fancied giving salsa a go, something about the energy attracted me, but once I gave it a try, I found so much more!

  • I am now part of a welcoming and positive community;

  • A way to enjoy clean, active and fun Friday and Saturday Social nights;

  • Dancing gives me a source of artistic growth along with low-impact but high-reward exercise;

  • I got a hobby that allows me to meet well-travelled and inspiring individuals;

  • Now I never feel alone in a new place, as I can dance salsa and meet friendly people in any city in the world! And Salsa New Year’s parties are better than any I’d been to before! They are simply the best!

It has been 12 years since I started dancing, and I have to say that I am still addicted to salsa and loving it!

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Before you book, you may have a few questions:

  • Can I come on my own?
                  Yes! there is no partner needed as students rotate in a class

  • Do I need special clothes or Shoes?
    No, casual clothes are perfect and any shoe that is not too grippy will do!

  • Why are courses the best way to learn?

                    Learning on a structured course means that your teachers can build your knowledge in a                                            structured manner as you and your group grow together, this is the FASTEST and most fun                                        way to learn!

  • Why should I choose Monday Salsa Fix/Bachatify?
                  We are Bristol's only progressive course, with limited numbers and additional teachers in the                                class who give you constant feedback to help everyone to speed up their learning and                                          enhance dancing skills.

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What do our students say about us?

"Amazing! I've never met any place with this level of detail. Firstly the explanations are clear, demonstrations are practiced slowly to be understandable, secondly, the teaching is also individual!"

"One commendable habit of Charlie is to promote respect and light-heartedness within the group, as well as encouraging getting out there in the bigger salsa community, which is such an exciting world. I'm thrilled to be making new friends weekly and to bring old ones into the salsa community."

"Definitely the best value for money, sometimes one course with 4 teachers. Honestly, it could be a little bit more expensive regarding the quality and the time devoted!"


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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